Easy way of importing AVI to iMovie

Maybe you have this painful experience: You have some AVI video files, which from some old digital camcorder, flip video camcorder or other sources,(maybe you have thought to change a new one, but it doesn't broken.XD), then you may get trouble in importing them to iMovie to make  some precious souvenir home videos.
Actually, importing the AVI to iMovie is very easy, just need a smart tool and take a few minutes to study how to use it.

Software Needed:
AVI to iMovie Converter for Mac ( Free Download )
iMovie (iMovie HD, iMovie 07, iMovie 08, iMovie 09, iMovie 11)

1.Import AVI files to Mac Video Converter
First import the avi files to converter, you can drag and drop the files to it, or click "Add" to get the videos in the list below like the following picture.

2.Select output profile for iMovie
Click "Profie" menu and choose "Common Video ->MPEG-4 AVC Video Format(*.mp4)".

Click "setting" button and you will see a window as below.Here you can set many output settings for your video. You can set Bit Rate, Video Size, Frame Rate, and Channels, etc.

3.Start Conversion
Start converting and wait the conversion complete.

4.Import converted video files to iMovie
Launch iMovie, click "File" menu, select "Import -> movies", navigate to the folder that output AVI videos are saved.Select the video files and click "Import" or just drag in.

Okay, that's all, now you should know how to import your own .avi videos to iMovie.

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sunshinetom said...

you may also refer to the following step by step guide on how to import avi to imovie at http://www.bigasoft.com/articles/how-to-import-avi-to-imovie.html

it also helps to import other video including wmv, mkv, mts, mpg, mov, mp4, flv to imovie

Jonh Emily said...

You may try this method to successfully import all kinds of AVI to iMovie at http://www.idealshare.net/imovie-fcp/import-avi-to-imovie.html

Accoring to my test, it does works and also works to import MKV, WMV, FLV, MPG, MXF, AVCHD to iMovie.

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