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There are so many videos on YouTube, and I always want to download the videos I like. But YouTube didn't provide a offerical downloader, so where can I download the YouTube video.

I wrote a article about Free Online Video Converter before, and this time, I will list some useful youtube downlaoder software.

4. Free YouTube Downloader

A free YouTube downloader, very easy to use, copy the video url into the blank, and choose the output format as iPhone4 video (H.264 MP4), click Download, then the software will help you to download the YouTube video automatically.
PS: Program bundled Realplayer, of course you can choose install or not. And the install process is a little time-consuming.

3. Free YouTube Download - Free Studio
Free downloader from, it's a freeware, and the usage is also very easy, copy a YouTube link and paste it into the big blank. Then choose output format(you can do some advanced settings on video/audio codec and bitrates, click the Download, and it will download the video for you.
PS: When you install the software, it's going to install a toobar of, to set the website as your IE homepage and default search engine. Of course, you can cancel that. Further more, if you want to accelerate your video downloading and playing, you can pay for the acceleration service.

2. Wondershare Free YouTube Downloader
Friendly UI, Easy to use, download the YouTube video fast, a good freware for downloading. Just copy the YouTube url, and paste it into the blank, or click the button "Paste URL". Then the program will automatically analytic the url, and download the video.
PS: This software is bundled with babylon toolbar, it will ask you to install it, to set babylon as your homepage and SE. Luckily, you can choose whether to install or not.
And if you want to download video from other video sites, like hulu, the program will ask to upgrade, just need $19.

1. Leawo YouTube Downloader
This program integrates an IE, you can use it to watch the YouTube video. And when you watch the online video, the software will download it automatically(of course after some settings).
You can use it to download from other video sites include, like veoh, myspace, facebook, etc. It's free.
And it is different from those above, it dosen't bundle anything, totally clean.
PS: If you don't want it to download the video automatically, you can change the setings by click the "Menu". And I tried to download from hulu, but it doesn't work, maybe you will have a good luck.

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